17 Jul 2017

Summer is HOT ! in the Napa Valley.

Today it was 107 in Napa… Chef Ross and I went there to see this very special place called Ackerman Heritage House. It is located in Napa the town in Napa Valley an hour north of San Francisco. Ackerman Heritage House is a perfectly restored Victorian Home in Downtown Napa. It was purchased in 2010 […]

21 Nov 2016

Art Institute of San Francisco Annual Car Show

The Art Institute Annual Car Show is always the Weekend before Thanksgiving.. Its always very fun, its the preview before the weekend long car show at Mascone Center. Elisa Stephens and her father own the Art Institute, they also own a lot of real estate, some of the real estate is car showrooms to store […]

11 Sep 2016

TOSCA where else!

In San Francisco Tosca, the bar and restaurant is still the power house meeting place of all meeting places. Formally owned by the legendary Jeannette Etheridge. Everyone who is anyone in our town of San Francisco has met at Tosca for every occasion and any occasion under the sun. Oldies, newbies, hipsters, non hipsters , […]

23 Jul 2016

Summer Drinks!

My dear friend Annette and I have a weekly catch up at a San Francisco Bar or restaurant. This week we went to two bars ,both in San Francisco. Modern on Bush Street and to 620 Jones. Modern is a Art DecoBar. The owners are very sweet. The Bar Tenders are dressed in white jackets […]

2 Jul 2016

You Tube Tour and QUEST LOVE!!!!!! Happy Fourth

What a whirl wind start to the Fourth Of July Weekend which for me is always the beginning of SUMMER!!!!!!!! Beyond the Fog arranged for 56 people  from Singapore to tour YOU TUBE! which was a HUGE feat because Tec Companies do not give tours they do not want people seeing their very private information. […]

4 Jun 2016

Carnival 2016

This year was the first time in a long time that we  went to Carnival as spectators and not as a family members of a performer or the photographer of the Performer…That performer is my Mother ! We had excellent seats and we all wore flowered crowns! You can not go to Carnival without a […]

28 Apr 2016

Dandy Lion & The Grace Jones Project at MOAD !

Spring is here with a BANG..MoAd the Museum of the African Diaspora Opens its doors Tuesday Evening for the Spring with a new show ty..Dandy Lion and the Grace Jones Project. Dandy Lions is a show that is focused on the African American male and dressing UP..this show is STUNNING its truly an expression of […]

21 Mar 2016

Cocktails and Bars

Beyond The Fog is trying a new bar weekly, We started this exploration a month  ago and so far we went to Sugar Lounge located in Hayes Valley on Hayes Street in San Francisco twice. Sugar Lounge is a  small bar ,the bar is BEAUTIFUL is a slab of  light marble that has been lit from underneath. Its […]

25 Feb 2016

She Said, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a Honor it was to help plan and Produce a Wedding proposal! In December  I  met with my client, Parker, and he told me he wanted to ask his girlfriend to Marry Him he knew he wanted a Treasure Hunt and he knew he wanted her to walk the dogs at their normal dog park […]

2 Feb 2016

Super Bowl City…. A Report

Well Super Bowl City in San Francisco, Opened up last Friday January 29th 2016. Saturday people started roaming around and Sunday was the ” KICK OFF”opening,  It was a splashy opening, with Fire Works and the re-lighting of the Willie Brown Bay Bridge. There are two openings to Super Bowl City, one is free and […]