Marching through Time

Ideal for: 1-10 people.
Length: 2 hours.
Time: All year. This tour is on foot. Transportation arranged upon request.
Price: $550.00 (does not include lunch or transportation)
About: Steven Sodokoff, a Time Ambassador, fourth generation Fine Jeweler, and History Enthusiast(s) leads a walking tour from San Francisco’s oldest public timepiece, Old St. Mary’s Church in Chinatown, ending at the S.F. Ferry Building, our most iconic monumental clock tower. The themes discussed will be tracing the steps of San Francisco history through public clocks, commerce and transportation. From the origins of Yerba Buena and Portsmouth Square to the 1906 earthquake and the rebuilding renaissance of the city, told through a few prominent figures representing the cultural diversity that has made our city great.

From 1846, William Leidesdorf, a Black Jew from the Dutch Caribbean to the Irish and Chinese who built the railroads and buildings, this tour will include 8 clocks, 3 museums and 2 historical display exhibits, ending with lunch at either the beautiful()Ferry Building or Historic Rincon Center.

Available monthly. 10 days’ notice required.