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What We Do:

Beyond The Fog is a cross between a customized tour agency and a special events company, with the San Francisco Bay Area as the backdrop. We have access to exclusive “behind the scenes” hidden gems and we have the keys to unlock these special doors for you. Each experience is custom-designed for your particular party. We work to find the experiences unlike any you have had before. Planning your experience can take anywhere between two days to two weeks depending on the scope and scale of the event. Creating an itinerary takes time and care. We begin by going over with you on the telephone what you would like to do while you are in town, or while your guests are visiting. We then select the locations and experts that best suit you and do a practice run to time out how long it takes between venues. After the itinerary is researched and planned out, we make the reservations and email the proposal to you for your approval with the cost attached. Once you approve the itinerary, we will confirm everything with the vendors and email you the final itinerary. The itinerary service fee is due upon receipt. Once everything is booked we then fine tune your event, nailing down every last detail. On the day of the event we are on hand to introduce you to the experts, and then we disappear so you can enjoy your experience with your friends and family. If necessary, we move reservations around to accommodate the timing and we arrange transportation to and from your experience. We then re-appear at the next experience and introduce you to the next expert. All of the details are taken care of so that the entire experience is seamless.

Sample Itineraries:
Some itineraries that Beyond the Fog created for clients are outlined below. One was for a client who lives in Australia and was coming to San Francisco for a Christmas Time vacation, they wanted Beyond the Fog to plan three days for he, his wife and two sons. The Client expressed to me that his sons loved Fire Stations, Forts and Submarines so in designing this tour of three full days I kept in mind his children’s interest. In our discussions I learned that one of his sons loved to cook but had significant food allergies and wanted to learn to make something he could enjoy. I created three Days for this Client:

Day One:
Morning: After breakfast in the hotel the driver picked up my client and his family. I asked one of my Chef’s to be their Chef; she specializes in cooking gluten free, local and organic food. We rented a state of the art beautiful,light filled,catering kitchen in the heart of North Beach. The Family had a cooking lesson, learning all about local organic non gluten savory and sweet tarts. The cooking time looked like it would run over so I moved the lunch reservation back. The Family then went to Lunch on the Embarcadero.

Afternoon: The Fireboat is the Boat that the Fire Department uses to help put out fires. It is not open to the public; I arranged a two hour tour of the Bay on the Fire Boat with seven firemen. A rare occasion but very fun for my clients! Evening: The USS Pampanito sits docked on pier 45, it is open to the public. I arranged for my client and his family to meet a historian on the USS Pampanito after hours and have an exclusive two-hour tour seeing things that the general public does not see.

Another Client who is local wanted to surprise her husband for an important birthday. They are both big food people and he has a special interest in wine. My Chef met them at Alamany Farmers Market, the farmers market where chefs buy their food. She gave them a two hour tour of the Farmers Market and told them the history of the Farmers Market. They then proceeded to shop for the meal that they were going to learn how to make and she told them the history of each item that they were buying, the Latin name of what they were buying, and how best to prepare it. They went to the client’s home and the Chef taught them how to make a wonderful meal. Six friends joined them, once the meal was finished the Chef left and left the client and their friends to enjoy a fantastic meal that they made on their own. 

Two other Clients were interested in the Architecture Tour. The Architecture tour is two hours it is given by one of my two Architect Guides who are Architects living and working in San Francisco as Architects.They focus on the financial district and they talk not only about the buildings, but about the history of San Francisco. I have a relationship with a few of the buildings and can arrange for a tour of the inside as well as the outside of the buildings.

Beyond The Fog Created an Itinerary for a Man who lives in Marin, has a home in Healdsburg and had no time to plan a day for he and his best friend from New York to have a reunion in Healdsburg. My client wanted tosee a modernwinery, because he and his friend love modern architecture. I researched the wineries in Healdsburg in Sonoma County, I chose two wineries based on the clients specifications and I made the reservations. I then focused on what else he wanted to do, where he should dine, and worked on the timing of it all.

WINE TOUR- Healdsburg California Noon:
Wine tasting at a traditional well established winery. Lunch: Picnic style I gave him two choices in town, one modern one deli style. Late afternoon:Wine tasting at a modern winery. Early evening:Spa appointment followed by pre-dinner cocktails. Evening: A seven course meal with wine paring, followed by after dinner drinks and music at a local pub.

We hope these sample itinerary gives you some idea of what Beyond The Fog can do for your next visit to San Francisco or for your next special event , please let us help you, entertain your out of town guest, or design your visit to San Francisco and the Bay Area.


Thank You,

Susan E. Brown
Owner / Founder Beyond The Fog.

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