Sugar Lounge

Beyond The Fog is trying a new bar weekly, We started this exploration a month  ago and so far we went to Sugar Lounge located in Hayes Valley on Hayes Street in San Francisco twice. Sugar Lounge is a  small bar ,the bar is BEAUTIFUL is a slab of  light marble that has been lit from underneath. Its Gorgeous ! and the drinks are very creative and inventive ! We had such a good time that we returned the second time.

The third bar was the Pacific Brewing Laboratory in SOMA ( South Of Market)  in San Francisco that was a delightful treat! Two guys started brewing beer out of their garage and it grew into the Pacific Brewing Company Laboratory. They have a large verity of beers all brewed right there! for non beer drinkers like me, you can order a light beer with a fruit syrup and a splash of sparking water and its a great drink!

This  past week we went to Mr. Tipples recording studio this is a new bar with live music, Jazz music its located on Fell between Van Ness and Market, in San Francisco the exterior is non discript , but you know its something because of the doorman , upon entering you walk down a  hallway, and then you arrive in what looks like a speak easy, with  Live music  a super beautiful bar, and velvet walls that are not tacky at all its impressive, a dressy bar with a casual laid back feel..