Project Description

Spend A Day With A Fashion Designer

Spend the day learning about the world of fashion in San Francisco. Meet local San Francisco fashion designers in various stages of their career; get exposed to their creative process as you visit with them in their studios. You will be introduced to a new, up and coming young designer, a well-established designer a bespoke designer and a small co-op of designers. You will have the opportunity to talk to them about trends, what is out, what is in, what is timeless and has lasted for decades. You will have the opportunity to learn about how they got started and why, what inspires them every day and explore any part of the fashion world that you are curious about.
The day begins with a town car picking you up at your desired location and taking you to the first studio, you will visit with two fashion designers in the morning, both in their studios. Then you break for food, SF is a food Mecca after all. After lunch, you will spend the afternoon meeting a co-op of designers and your established known designer.
Duration: 6 hours
Transportation and lunch is included.