Project Description

Shop with a Fashion Stylist

Ideal for: 1-8 people
Length: 2 to 4 hours
Time: All year
About: Play dress-up with fashion stylist Tannaz Namdar, and feel very sophisticated with fashion expert Alvin Lampkins. Tannaz’s is our women’s wear stylist, and Alvin is our menswear expert. Tannaz and Alvin will take you on a spree through the city’s best designer show rooms, interesting boutiques, vintage stores, and bespoke shops. Step into San Francisco fashion originals, sip wine, and stop for a perfect afternoon lunch. A former model, Tannaz and her husband Ali split their time between San Francisco and Europe, where Tannaz grew up. She speaks fluent English, German, French, and Farsi, giving her a unique world view and informing her love for fashion.

Alvin Lampkins is retail professional with 30 plus years of experience. Alvin has a reputation of knowing what is modern and timeless when it relates to menswear styles and has developed relationships with the top retailers in San Francisco.

One week’s notice required. Available weekly. Transportation arranged.

A Shave, Lunch & Wine can be added for an additional cost