See San Francisco through the Eye of a Professional Photographer

Ideal for: 1-6 people
2 hours
All year
Hi! My name is Steven Gregory, born and raised in SF and loving every minute of photographing people in their element in this amazing city!

If you are like most people, you have that uneasy feeling when someone points a camera at you; you stare back at it awkwardly as your body stiffens, you stop breathing and when you look at the result, you blame yourself as one that “doesn’t photograph well”. If you like the photos on my gallery, you will be happy to know these people had that same sentiment coming into their shoot, but left feeling delighted and telling me they actually ENJOYED being photographed and had a good time! How can that be?

Join me for a working session where I share with you what goes into capturing fun and flattering images of people using both the big iconic views and landmarks of this great city, but also some of my more favorite spots that I have discovered over the years while searching for that elusive location that makes for the perfect picture!

Our session will be catered around your specific goals and interests, all the while addressing the big questions that apply to any shoot to ensure you are creating the right environment that puts your subject in the right place at the right time to get that winning shot!

Two Weeks’ Notice Required. Camera not included.