Today it was 107 in Napa… Chef Ross and I went there to see this very special place called Ackerman Heritage House. It is located in Napa the town in Napa Valley an hour north of San Francisco.
Ackerman Heritage House is a perfectly restored Victorian Home in Downtown Napa. It was purchased in 2010 by The Ackerman’s who own Ackerman Family Vineyards ,and Lloyd Cellars. They researched the home and restored it back to how it was in 1888. It’s stunning,
every where you look a bit of history looks back at you. Every detail is perfect and yet nothing feels like a dusty old attic, or a Victorian Era retirement home. The Ackerman House looks like you stepped into 1888 to enjoy the day sipping wine with the people who own the house, only instead of feeling precious, and grandmother like it feels fun, historic and cool. It’s a great venue for a small Wedding, or Company retreat, Its also a fantastic location for a birthday party, or place to gather after a day of Wine Tasting in the Napa Valley.
The Home is totally private and a short walk from downtown Napa.
The Ackerman Heritage House is a very special place .