Super Bowl City…. A Report

Well Super Bowl City in San Francisco, Opened up last Friday January 29th 2016. Saturday people started roaming around and Sunday was the ” KICK OFF”opening,  It was a splashy opening, with Fire Works and the re-lighting of the Willie Brown Bay Bridge. There are two openings to Super Bowl City, one is free and one you have to pay for, I was not impressed with what I saw it seemed much more like a huge marketing and branding opportunity, and nothing more,  seems that San Francisco has thrown far better parties then this, that were much more attractive, We do civic parties really well, from Pride, to the three world series parades our annual  Halloween  Parade, Americas Cup, the US Conference of Mayors, All spectacular, celebrations, that allowed our beautiful city to SHINE,

sadly super bowl City’s logo is black with a gold football, and each sponsor spent a lot of money making huge structures where games are played, sports people broadcast from and little TV’s are on light poles that are sticking out on the street corners, like a street festival their are booths but instead of booths where artist are selling what they make

sponsors are selling foot ball items.

Not very elegant, glamours,  lovely  or beautiful, not exciting not celebratory, just closed off streets causing MAJOR traffic jams( for over ten days ! ) and Super Bowl 50 signs in HEAVY BLACK and gold and GIANT  sponsor run structures with little TV’s that run past NFL moments …NOT

very San Francisco like…

but then again the Super Bowl is in Santa Clara…