In San Francisco Tosca, the bar and restaurant is still the power house meeting place of all meeting places. Formally owned by the legendary Jeannette Etheridge.

Everyone who is anyone in our town of San Francisco has met at Tosca for every occasion and any occasion under the sun. Oldies, newbies, hipsters, non hipsters , techie, and regular folks all meet at Tosac. It is still the place for the famous and the no so famous ,on any day or night of the week you will see anyone who is anyone walking in or just leaving Tosca and Jeannette’s stamp of approval remains of great importance.

For oldies it the neighborhood bar, and for newbies its history still holds value and is cherished. Tosca was a very important place for both Mayor Browns and Mayor Newsom’s administrations.

Tosca Bar Girl

Tosca Drink


Tosca is way more than a bar, it is an institution. Traditions become traditions because generations of people gather at the same place for the same reasons and Tosca is and will always be a San Francisco traditional place..loved by so so so many.
As a second generation Tosca goer..on the Historic Night of the election of the first African American President Barack Obama, I gathered my friends to watch the election returns at Tosca… I also always send all of my Beyond The Fog clients to Tosca.
So when your in town or if you live here you HAVE to go to Tosca, and you too will fall in Love with our
oh- so -very- important, beloved,… Tosca!